Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Public opinion to be banned

After the recent departure of Danyl from X Factor I am once again questioning the mental stability of the British population, and I do not stand alone. Gordon Brown is also considering a close inspection into the legality of public opinion.

Brown had previously toyed with the idea of banning public opinion after certain events, namely questionable voting earlier in the hit TV show, had rendered Danyl in the bottom two (whilst Lloyd and ‘Jedward’ remained).

Unfortunately, if Brown were to ban public opinion of certain members of society, he will have essentially shot his political career not so much in the foot but rather in the head, as it is those with questionable opinion that vote Labour anyway. A fact he himself admits; ‘After all it was popular misguided opinion that got us into power in the first place’ Brown scoffed, ‘and look where that’s got us.’[1]

X Factor can provide myriad examples of misplaced British opinion: Leon actually won; Cheryl Cole becoming popular (even though the same cannot be said for Dannii Minogue, which actually bolsters my faith in public opinion somewhat); and becoming a common theme of this blog ‘Jedward’[2], (no explanation necessary)

I am all for banning the majority of public opinion as I could not bear to read such moronic claims as ‘The truth is Eric Cantona was over rated’[3] ever again, even if it is a joke.

It is scientifically proven that Eric Cantona was the greatest football player ever; the matter is not subjective, these things never are we just like them to be.

[1] I might have made that quotation up entirely.
[2] With constant referral to the twins I have had to reluctantly add ‘Jedward’ to my Microsoft Word dictionary – leading to more undeserved exposure.
[3] Opinion (if you can call it that) courtesy of theginge.com.


  1. I love the new layout - speaks on different levels - typically artistic of you...!
    And despite what I said in my blog, think you refer to XFactor in exactly the right way - public opinion vetoed (though not in a dictatorial way)and the end of TV dominated by talent shows (except Total Wipeout).

  2. Well thanks very much.

    I loved the travel-scrap book feel of your page.

    I have one more coming soon kind of about X Factor and the Public, then will have to find greener pastures.